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DJ JELAL.,   Volume(3) - Issue(1), 2018
pp 28-31,   http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djeng.org/2018011005

Anti-Semitic Attitude of Hitler in Philip Roth’s The Plot Aganist America

Dr. C Govindaraj; J.M Aujo Philip


This study suggests the dominance of Hitler in American politics and brings out the colonization of Nazis camp in America. It is the overview of Hitler’s anti-Semitic attitude towards the Jewish people and it depicts the various channels used to eradicate the Jewish population in America. This study mainly focuses on the essential role of American politics and its consequences played in determining the force of history’s genocide. By the time of civil war, Jews and non-Jews are migrated and the economic competition between these two sets of people outbreak the real sense of anti-Semitism to the date. Philip Roth’s plot against America gives a vivid picture on the anti-Semitic politics of America by Hitler’s Nazis. He brings out the colonization of Nazis camp in America through the Lindbergh’s presidency. Roth has reviewed the influence of Nazis rule in American politics and that brings a lot of changes in the history.


American politics, Civil war, Anti-Semitism, Discrimination, Nazis rule.

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